Stories in the Pumpkin Patch at #HarveyHomecoming2018

Saturday, families braved early rain (which cleared off by noon) to enjoy a 5K run, a full run of athletic events and a Homecoming Fall Festival at The Harvey School here in Westchester.


We were there to help keep the pumpkin patch humming — many thanks to Bruce and Dale Osborne from donating all the pumpkins — and share my book for kids, Go to Sleep, Little Creep.

Diane and Olivia and I brought home many great family gifts and fresh bread, fresh eggs and many other treats, happy to know that a portion of all the market’s bounty was supporting our great school.



Thanks to Harvey School for letting us decorate pumpkins with your fun, clever kids! (And pups!)



I’ll be returning to Harvey School December 1st for a reading, presentation and signing for all ages as part of the school’s Harvey Presents program.




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