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Go to Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn, Illustrated by Ashley Spires, Crown Books for Young Readers

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In the funny stories I write, offbeat, noisy characters overcome everyday challenges to help even the most reluctant young readers howl for another story.

About Go to Sleep, Little Creep

In this bedtime tour of a spooky alternate universe, Quinn (the Not for Children Children’s Books series) and Spires (the Binky the Space Cat series) show that monster and fiend parents face the same challenges getting their offspring to sleep as their human counterparts. As dawn threatens to break across the sky, a tired-eyed ghost parent tries to coax its baby, cuddled against a tombstone, to get some shut-eye (“I’ll always love you, to the grave./ But frankly, dear, it’s sleep I crave.”), while a lagoon-dweller holds a swaddled, beatific baby and sings a bubbly lullaby (“blupblupblooop”). Despite their shared need for sleep, the grown-up mummy, zombies, and vampire, among others, understand that baby ghouls have bedtime fears (in their case, the “horrid things” are bunnies, unicorns, and fluffy kittens), just as they believe that having a “tiny terror” to love is beyond compare. “So good night, moon. Farewell, night./ Guard me and mine throughout the light.” Ages 2–5. 

― Publishers Weekly, “Best Books”

Go to Sleep, Little Creep rhymes… so it would make a really fun read-aloud for your child – or even for classroom/library story time. One thing I noticed – and adored – is that not all the parents are a father/mother. That’s true for some of the creatures, but if you really look, some kids are shown with just a dad, or just a mom, and there are even two women (one black, one white) tucking in their three kids (two white, one black) and I just adore that the story shows diversity without making it a huge deal!

― Shooting Stars

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