UPDATED 10/25: Story and Art Parties with the Author in Briarcliff Manor, NY


A Maze in Pottery — and yes, that is Olivia painting in the background with our friend Edith, one of the amazing artists and the manager of the business

Sunday morning we instigated art and entertainment — including some fine howling at the Moon — at the first of two Spooky parties for young people at A Maze in Pottery, a paint your own pottery studio for all ages. I became friends with the artists here over years of painting here with Olivia; she’s made a dozen projects for her Mom here since she was very young. I think we bonded with founder Agi Shah, not only over fun, but also over a deeper shared belief that making art can be vital to our lives, our personal expression. And not just for capital A Artists — for everyone!

As we said in the invitation to the party online, “NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.”

In the bright space, filled floor to ceiling with finished, fired pottery and raw pieces ripe for painting, we began with a reading of the book by your favorite Creepy Uncle David


“Cookie good.”

My favorite part?

When the kids and even, sometimes, the parents, joined in to shout out the Mamas, Dadas, Arrrooos and Boos.

And thanks to expert artist Nancy, this room full of little ones were armed with their very own Wolfgirl paper bag puppets, based on the cunning creature in the book envisioned by Ashley Spires.


Then it was time to paint — today’s project perfect for Autumn and Halloween. A dinner plate featuring a cute, funky Little Ghost that incorporates a child’s handprint, with cameos by a Baby Frankenstein and Wolfgirl created by the child’s thumbprints. Fun and personal.

Once painted, the adult artists glazed and fired each plate — and I’ve updated this series of photos to include some of the final pieces of original pottery the families took home with their puppets and signed books!


Agi and Nancy join me to howl, “Happy Halloween — and may all your nightmares be little ones!”


My Wolfgirl with one of Nancy’s Wolfgirls
Olivia took time to make Micro Jack and Dapper Ghost, who happens to be a salt and pepper shaker.


A Maze in Pottery, North State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY  (914) 502-0088



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