Live Events: Go To Sleep, Little Creep (Updated 9/7)


Where and when can you meet the Little Creeps in person?

Here’s a work in process list of upcoming author events. Most of them are free, though some are ticketed.

Leave me a comment below if you’d like me to save time for an event at your store, school, library, coffee shop or graveyard.

September 30, 11:30am-12:30pm

Powerhouse on 8th, 1111 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 666-3049 Please RSVP to attend. Facebook event here.

Story Time Reading/Signing

October 6, 11am-12pm

Northern Westchester Chinese School, Briarcliff Manor Middle School, 444 Pleasantville Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY (Email for more information)

Story Time Reading/Author Conversation/Signing

October 13, 11am-3pm

The Harvey School Fair, Jay St, Katonah NY

Pumpkin Painting/Signing

October 21, 9-10am

Amazin’ Pottery, 76 N State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY (914) 502-0088

Reading/Signing/Art Project Party for Young Children and Parents Together (Ticket Price Includes Signed Book)

October 21, 12-2pm

Scattered Books, 29 King St, Chappaqua, NY (914) 529-8013

Signing/Reading/Ragamuffin Parade

October 24 5-6pm

Amazin’ Pottery, 76 N State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY (914) 502-0088

Reading/Signing/Art Project Party for Young Children and Parents Together (Ticket Price Includes Signed Book)

October 25 5-6:30pm

Amazin’ Pottery, 76 N State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY (914) 502-0088

Signing/Author Discussion “Making Monsters”/Art Project Party for Older Children (Ticket Price Includes Signed Book)

October 27 11:30am-3pm

The Spider’s Web, 887 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers, NY (914) 709-8787

Signing, Story Time Reading (2:30pm), Halloween Comic Fest

October 28 10:15-12noon

Split Rock Books, 97 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY (845) 265-2080

Story Time Reading, Kids, wear your Halloween Costumes!

November 24 12-3pm

Vault of Midnight, 219 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI (734) 998-1413


 December 1, 5-7pm

“Harvey Presents,” The Harvey School, Jay St, Katonah NY (Contact Information Coming Soon)

All Ages Author Presentation/Signing (Ticket Price Includes Signed Book)


Once again, I’m in conversations with several other prospective event planners – leave me a comment below if you’d like me to save time for an event at your store, school, library, coffee shop or graveyard.


The Creeps in Fine Company at Little Joe’s Books, Katonah, NY (914) 232-7278





Of Course We Brought Kid Cthulhu Cupcakes!


I’m foresworn to deny you the recipe for Diane’s Kid Cthulhu Cupcakes — an old family secret — but I can tell you that if you come to one of our Go to Sleep, Little Creep launch party/signings, you can have one on the house.


Both the new children’s picture book and the ectoplasmic sugary treats were a hit at The Spider’s Web a little while ago. Joined by my wolfgirls Diane and Olivia, I engaged with a warm and friendly crowd of comics culture people, showed off and signed copies of the book, and chatted about the long run of other stories I’ve written in comics and film over the last three decades. I think my daughter enjoys getting a sideways glance into the old man’s past…


The real thrill of the afternoon was watching human kids interact with the Little Creeps, as brought to life on the page with the collaboration of artist Ashley Spires. I’ve captured a couple of examples here, and readers and friends have started posting and sending images of their own little monsters loving the book, howling along with Wolfgirl and Little Foot. (Feel free to post your own in the comments!)


IMG_4441.jpgBefore we left, we signed every #quinnsessentials book Paul and Andrew had in the store with my name on it, so if you missed us, The Spider’s Web has you covered. And the guys and I have fiendish plans this October 27 for Halloween Comicfest, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Check back here for more “on the road” dates soon.

“And May All Your Nightmares… be Little Ones.”




Go to Sleep, Little Creep on the Road


Where and when you can come to a Go To Sleep, Little Creep event, participate in a signing or discussion, and get your book signed?

I’m about to tell you. But first, a few images to illustrate the Toddlers of Terror on the road this summer, in California and right here in Sleepy Hollow Country.

I’ve been a guest at San Diego Comic Con on and off since my late college years, 31 years ago. (Faust: Love of the Damned had unleashed. I had sold a couple of stories to DC Comics.)

Over the years, I returned, meeting up with collaborators and creatives and fans and signing a mountain of comics, for Marvel, Dark Horse, Chaos, nearly every 1990s work for hire publisher and especially my creator-owned work like Faust, The Wrath, Nightvision, The Not for Children Children’s Books, etc.

Comic Con has grown, most of you know, from an intimate-ish gathering for fans and readers OF comics to a mega-media/toy and game market and cosplay parade INSPIRED BY by comics.

(Aside: no I’m not disparaging cosplay, as you can read in my earlier blog, Dreaming in Public.)

And as the show evolved, my participation evolved. Instead of facing Comic Con as full time work, I bring my family and create a work/play vacation. I meet with collaborators, but I also enjoy the Science Center, the restaurants, and one of the most beautiful beaches I know, with Diane and Olivia.

I couldn’t be happier.

Work is better with family. Family is better with work. Or at least that’s how it goes for me at this stage of my long, strange career.

My new picture book with Ashley Spires didn’t come out till after this year’s show, but the preview copy I carried with me put smiles on faces.


Imperial Beach, Coronado Island
Hotel Del Coronado Daily Ice Cream


Preview copy of CREEPS meets CHICK – my bet’s on the CREEPS


Artist Jodi Tong meets the kids.


At Jim and Holly’s BroadSword Comics booth with Stephen Strange




Uncle Tim, co-creator of Faust and many, many more

Preview: Go To Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn and Ashley Spires

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Ben Herman, as well as enjoying savvy pop culture blogging, including some enjoyable and thoughtful close readings of some of my own stories, so he was one of the first people I showed my new children’s book. Thanks for the recommend, Ben! I will be reading you…

In My Not So Humble Opinion

Writer David Quinn is a versatile and imaginative creator.  Although he is best-known for co-creating the adult horror comic book series Faust: Love of the Damned, and for writing Doctor Strange for two years at Marvel Comics, Quinn has written a wide range of material over his 30 year career.

Quinn’s newest project is in collaboration with illustrator Ashley Spires.  Go to Sleep, Little Creep is a rhyming picture book about baby monsters and their monster parents who are trying to get them to go to bed.

Go To Sleep Little Creep cover

Quinn was kind enough to e-mail me a preview copy of Go to Sleep, Little Creep.  It was a very charming read.  Quinn’s prose is sweet and humorous.  Spires’ wonderful illustrations are adorable and funny.  The designs of the baby monsters are wonderfully sweet.

By the way, as a huge fan of both cats and scary stories, I think the Mummy…

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Happy Mother’s Day from the Little Creeps #gotosleeplittlecreep

Go to Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn, Illustrated by Ashley Spires

For all you Mothers out there…

Here’s another “behind the scenes” taste of our children’s book, coming this July from Crown Books for Young Readers. I can’t wait to share the whole book with all of you, so I’m sharing “bonus DVD content.”

As I began to work on the book with my Publisher Phoebe Yeh, I proposed we use something like the following for the endpapers – these are the pages inside the book cover that come before and after the book. I always appreciate it when this prime book real estate enriches the experience of the book.

Although they were never developed for the final book, they might make good trading cards or book marks — and they are fun to share with you here!

GTSLC Endpapers – Proposed by David Quinn

GTSLC endpaper design: tell a story about the story through artifacts parents collect, such as baby pictures and birth announcements of all the little creeps, something to really study and mine for fun details that support the story.

Endpaper Front

Little Peanut Mummy’s baby picture, inscribed “2001 Years Old”

Dracula’s Daughter – her own childlike crayon illustration of herself sandwiched in between Mom and Dad. All smiles. All valentine hearts and halloween bats in the air around them.

Baby Godzilla stompy watercolor footprint Mother’s Day card, inscribed “I Love You, Mommy! Baby G”

Frankie Jr. birth announcement postcard, scrawled electrically to blast out the words “He’s Alive!”

Framed Baby Pic Photo: Little Miss Alien when she was just an Egg

Endpaper Back

Kid birthday party invite: “Party in the Woods Tonight!” “Happy Birthday, Little Foot!” “Time: After Dark” “RSVP Mrs. Big Foot C/O The Broken Tree, The Woods”

Baby Lagoona (Gill Creature) baby picture, clutching a very wet blanket to her cheek

The Facebook page of Patsy and Rhonda Romero; in the headshot space, the loving Mommy Zombies are hugging, and in the large portrait, their kids, the Zombie Quintuplets Group Picture – total anarchy, awkward framing, partially out of focus

Little Medusa baby picture, surrounded by snakes

Wolfgirl First Night on the Schoolbus Photo – wearing a giant back pack, adorable and beaming.


Go to Sleep, Little Creep, Published by Crown Books for Young Readers
On Sale Jul 24, 2018
ISBN 9781101939444
Copyright 2018, David Quinn
Illustrations copyright 2018 Ashley Spires

For more information and to pre-order