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“Quinn’s clever rhymes (“I’ll always love you, to the grave. / But frankly, dear, it’s sleep I crave”) are paired with dark-toned illustrations of cute little monsters looking mostly sleepy. It all ends up comfortably well, with all the little creatures snoozing. Good for reading to a classroom or one-on-one, this delightfully ghoulish tale shows that even monster parents have it tough when putting little creatures to bed. Grades K-2.” – Booklist 

Young Readers

“Filled with energy and insane ideas and off-the-wall mystical concepts and the sort of dark lunacy typically associated with Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison.” – Ben Herman, In My Not So Humble Opinion

“An intensely fascinating, and daringly different, Dr. Strange epic.” – Gary M. Miller, Delusional Honesty

Teen +

“A solid issue which takes the best parts of all the Carnage story-lines and effectively weaves them into a new one which aids in making the villain much more well-rounded. (4.5/5)” –  Matthew Spencer,

4.05 Stars on Goodreads