The Secret Origin of the Little Creeps!

“Where do you get your ideas?”


– Harlan Ellison 

Asked where the baby monsters that people my quirky rhyming lullaby came from, I can say one of three things:

  1. “Go to Sleep, Little Creep” was an improvised lullaby my Wise Wife and I would sing to our infant daughter Olivia.
  2. It mutated from a Looney Tune earworm planted in my fertile baby brain decades ago, as Sylvester the Cat sang to Elmer Fudd, “Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep, Close your Big Bloodshot Eyes…”
  3. It was a placeholder hook spontaneously thrown into proposal mode when two different production company and a book publisher asked me, “What are you writing next, David?”

Asked where the baby monsters came from, I can say one of these three things – and they would all be true.

  • Lullaby: She may cringe when we sing her awake in the morning, but Olivia always loved it when Wise Wife and I sang her to sleep. Traditional lullabies, gentle pop, jazz vocalese…  and even improvisations like “Go to Sleep, Little Creep.” (And what’s your favorite, kiddo?) Good night, my Wolf Girls.
  • Looney Tune: Show, don’t tell, remember?
  • What’s next?: One pragmatic hack I’ll never forget from writing for comic books and film: always have an answer to “What else have you got, David?” Oh yeah, have an answer even if you make it up on the spot. Some call that BS, but I call it inspiration. So, quick story, it’s 2009-10, artist Devon Devereaux are actively producing The Littlest B****: A Not for Children Children’s Book ™ for our editor Mark at Sellers Publishing and we get the question, “What’s next?”

Then the same question from a producer within Disney XD.

Then concept co-creator Michael Davis and I get the “What’s next?” again from Wild Brain, fun little company doing Yo Gabba Gabba at that time.

You get my point. “Go to Sleep…” was on my pitch list for years before I finally wrote (and rewrote and rewrote…) and finally sold it via my Agent and Sister from Another Mister, Bernadette Baker Baughman.


From a pitch doc

It may take years for hooks to grow up to be books – nothing can happen till the writer’s done the writer’s work, but you have to have the hooks primed and ready when they ask, “What’s next?”

Of course, the creeps would never have yowled to life without the talented Ashley Spires, who fleshed and furred them out to full life on the page, and their godmother and editor supreme, Phoebe Yeh, backed by her team at Crown Books for Young Readers. I’ll have more to say about their talents in future blogs.



Wise Wife’s Bitmoji


Go to Sleep, Little Creep, Published by Crown Books for Young Readers
On Sale Jul 24, 2018
ISBN 9781101939444
Copyright 2018, David Quinn
Illustrations copyright 2018 Ashley Spires


About Those Creeps

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So if my book looks like something you or someone you know would enjoy, if you would like to help me continue to publish, please pre-order. Call your bookseller. They will thank you, too.

And while I am summoning the audacity to ask, please pre-order, then tell a friend.

And when we meet in person, I’ll thank you by signing your book, inscribed with a personal message to you and yours from your favorite little creep.

Yes, it really is a book for all ages…  and that may surprise some of you who know me for business writing or fiction for adults. But what can I say? I made a good business of writing “not for children” but that’s not the only writing worth giving my life to.

I try to live up to the example of creatives like Maurice Sendak, just to name one, who never patronized children, but made us laugh and nourished our spirits.

So here’s the book:

littlefootscreen.jpgGo to Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn, Illustrated by Ashley Spires 

Shhhh…  it’s dawn, time for all the baby monsters to go to sleep.

Go to sleep, little creep…

The sun is rising, Mummy’s beat…

From the Tiniest Troll to Dracula’s Daughter, from Lil Godzilla to Little Foot, from Frankenstein Jr. to Wolf Girl, it’s time for every little creep to tuck into a cozy spot for just one more lullaby.

Ready or not.

We’ve had a wild and wooly night,

Now give Daddy one more bite.

So grab your own cuddly critter and snuggle in for a sweet, funny, new bedtime tradition.


Go to Sleep, Little Creep

Published by Crown Books for Young Readers

On Sale Jul 24, 2018

ISBN 9781101939444


Copyright 2018, David Quinn

Illustrations copyright 2018 Ashley Spires


For more information and to pre-order


Go to Sleep, Little Creep (July 2018)


A rhyming picture book with humor and heart that’s a wonderful bedtime addition for the “little monster” in your life. Illustrations by bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires of The Most Magnificent Thing.

Even monsters have to go to sleep. But before little trolls turn out the light and werewolves settle in to dream, there’s fur to be brushed, pajamas to find, and moons that need howling. So grab your cuddly critter and snuggle in for this new bedtime tradition.

Storyteller David Quinn teams up with bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires to create a wondrously funny and supremely sweet picture book sure to charm little creeps who aren’t quite ready to fall asleep.

See more from publisher Crown Books for Young Readers, including links to pre-order,  here.



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People ask me how they can buy my stuff. Last year, if you couldn’t find it at your comic shop or don’t feel like searching through ebay and Amazon, you could find autographed copies here. But with the sad demise of the Hazarai community, that doorway is closed.

So I’ve got to get something else going as soon as I catch up on what I am supposed to be writing right now.

I’d rather create than retail, so please try your local store first.

Previously on #WalkingDownton

ImagePreviously on Walking Downton:

1912 – Robert, the benevolent Earl of Grantham, owes his wealth to his forward-thinking American wife Lady Cora. Now, to secure a future for his family and estate, he must marry off his three daughters: aristocratic, outspoken Lady Mary, socially conscious young Lady Sibyl and, adopted from America, silent, katana-slicing Lady Michonne.

However, suitors of these womens’ social class – and, it must be said, suitors not shambling the grounds, ravenous for flesh and blood – are few and far between in Year One After the Great Unquiet.

Thomas, a handsome but deviant footman, and Robert’s mother, the Dowager, covertly take the future into their own hands. Craving the company of breathing men who don’t merely want to bite him, Thomas sends word to fellow servant John Bates in prison. Thomas has heard that a band of diverse and formidable group of working-class survivors is garrisoned within. If he can lure them with promises of sanctuary…

Meanwhile, Ethel saves the pudding.

As for the Dowager’s dark secret, Thomas witnesses her commandeering the services of Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Pattmore to make stealthy nightly errands, carrying live chickens to the boarded carriage house doors of Downton Mews.

Meanwhile, love is in the air when the new chauffeur, T-Dog – handsome, well-read, politically aware – encourages Lady Sibyl to voice her conviction for equality for women and the lower classes and wins her heart.

At first, the landed gentry is cool to T-Dog’s Irish heritage, but when he cleans out a horde of snarling biters festering in the church sanctuary, he’s the lauded hero of the annual shooting party and picnic.

Upstairs and downstairs alike, everyone celebrates nostalgia for the old days as they plan a May Wedding!

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie get it on.

The wedding day: Thomas, sulking over T-Dog’s rocket rise from employee to heir, drunkenly makes romantic overtures to Lady Michonne. She tries to ignore the soggy twit…  until he teases her weakness, blurting out the Dowager’s hideous secret!

Captive walkers in Downton Mews!

Lady Michonne upends the garden wedding to confront the Dowager, who upstages bride and groom and katana alike to order her extended family not to uncloak her secret. Throughout England, the Lady opines, perhaps even in the rest of the backward world, civilization is in twilight. One by one, we, the aristocracy, fade, becoming animal, becoming savage, becoming walking dead, just like everyone else.

From the Mews, as if on cue, come the moans…  the gnashing of teeth… the scraping of brittle nails on old stone.

Soon, Lady Michonne comprehends the horror: the Dowager has penned all of the Unquiet of noble birth – the reanimated corpses of titled gentry, where the stables used to be! Her dream: that her Walker Elite may once more inhabit the great houses of empire.

Lady Michonne races to the carriage houses, breaking down the doors, katana arcing!

Just then, Rick Grimes, a deputy sheriff, and his gang of survivors breach Downton Abbey’s feeble defenses, joining Lady Michonne, T-Dog, Lady Sibyl, Mr. Carson and that Cute Kid From the Kitchen to dispatch the grisly inhabitants of the Mews.

Till Mr. Carson wipes the blood and gore from his realizes that the prison gang was followed by a swarm of walkers from the village. Caught between ghouls from both town and country, will the last humans save civilization?

Yes, Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead are both on the DVR – only two shows my wife and I never miss, and always make sure we watch together. Oh, and special thanks to the handsome upper class walker captured digitally in Toronto last year.