This Guy Jonathan Sounds Like the Brother I Didn’t Know I Had…

“Sometimes the world can be a scary place,” writes  on GeekDad, “And it’s important for our kids to learn how to manage their fears.”

“One way to do that is through experiences that are just a little bit scary, but not too much. Laughter and curiosity can both make a scary situation a little easier to handle.”

I couldn’t agree more, Jonathan, and I am grateful you included our Toddlers of Terror on your short list, “Stack Overflow: Scary-But-Not-Too-Scary Stories.”

Go to Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn, illustrated by Ashley Spires 
“How do monsters get ready for bed? This rhyming verse shows monster parents putting their wee ones down for the day—vampires, mummies, ghosts, zombies, bigfoots (bigfeet?), and more. There’s actually nothing particularly scary in this one—it just depicts all the monsters as loving families with sweet bedtime routines.”

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