We have our printer!

Last time, we shared progress securing a printer capable of delivering our project AND Faust’s adult content… but it was not yet a done deal.

It’s been a challenge like no other in thirty-three years of self-publishing, but thanks to the many friends and partners who offered advice and suggested resources… 

We have our printer!

As we finalize specifications, wire funds to pay for it all and direct our printer on execution and delivery, design ninja Phil Smith is making final additions and edits so our digital files work with the printer’s specs and dimensions; we’ll also incorporate the right UPC codes for successful delivery into your hands!

Thank you – so when do we get our fuckin’ books?

At launch, our original Korea-based printer scheduled to print in January believed he’d deliver the books in about 6 months; no one could not predict every step of the printing and international freight shipping / customs process, but experienced people guessed a tentative second quarter fulfillment, and that’s what our campaign offered. And part of the reason we chose the replacement printer we choose — besides quality and a good relationship — is this printer has a chance of shipping closer to our original target than the rest of the field. 

As we get answers, you will, too. 

What’s next?

Obviously, an update on printing next month – and as we ultimate delivery logistics, more about that, too. A month before shipping, an email survey will go out via Kickstarter to ensure we have your correct shipping address by the time we are ready to ship it.

(Yeah, that’s a head’s up to keep your email address on Kickstarter up to date!)

Till then, what are the best ways to know the latest? 



Despite the hassle of recovering our printing situation, we are very excited for what’s ahead and can’t wait to start to share developing news on what will follow the Kickstarter Limited Edition… your support has made it all possible, so thanks again!

Check out Phil’s design for these “extras” pages…

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