Quick Update to Faust Omnibus Backers

We owed you this update about a week ago, apologies…

No one likes to wait, and we are ALL waiting…

But for the last three weeks we have been so close to a breakthrough in our exhaustive search for a replacement printer, we thought we had a good chance we’d be blasting out “done deal!” by now. 

But not just yet. 

Recap: last time, our project was ready to print, except for last minute printer-dependent technical specs, BUT we found ourselves scrambling to replace our Korean printer – after months of negotiating a great deal – as we slammed into a new ban on adult content in Korea. Stuck between censorship and the delays and exorbitant costs of our business right now, shopping for hardcover printing while the industry was on winter holidays, we asked friends to help, and, just like you backers, they showed up. (Thanks to those of you reading this who advised us.) 

We asked for bids from dozens of printers around the world. Many refused Faust for its explicit content. (Even one friend who has printed us in the past… not a good sign for freedom of expression.) Many never even responded.

We’re now in final negotiations with a total of three printers who have told us they can print our book and they have no problem with the adult content; we continue to hound them to get us their final detailed commitments/bids so we can make a selection the first week of March and move on!

We knew we were going to endure a steep uphill climb, but we are grateful for your support (and patience) and delivering for you is the most important thing we are working on right now.

More from us as soon as we know it.

February 26 Update to Kickstarter Backers from Rebel Studios

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