UPDATED: Faust Kickstarter Launch: FUNDED IN 20 MINUTES!

Copies still available!

Pledge Here Now

Exclusive 35th Anniversary Cover Art by Tim Vigil

FAUST: Love of the Damned Omnibus HC

Signed Limited (777) Edition, $125 US

496 pp, Oversize 8”x 12”


8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Faust Kickstarter Launch: FUNDED IN 20 MINUTES!

  1. Damnit. I only saw the Kickstarter a moment ago and discovered that there are no more left. Now I just have to hope that someone cancels and I see it quickly enough.

    1. I think you can follow the campaign and be notified with changes… it is a significant book (with significant cost) so there have been a few cancellations, but they get scooped up quickly. Thank you!

      1. Thanks for the response. I’m definitely following it. Unfortunately Kickstarter doesn’t notify followers when changes occur.

        I bought Faust back in the day. I think I started when the fourth issue came out and followed through till about issue twelve, I think, when I had to get out of comics for a while. Occasionally as the years went by, I would check to see if there was a nice hardcover collected edition. Now that there actually is one, I’ve missed it and my only hope is that someone drops out and I happen to see it.

        Ultimately, it’s probably for the best as I really SHOULDN’T be spending the money, not that I wouldn’t do my best to make the sacrifice if one came available… 🙂

      2. Holy crap, I actually got in for one just now. I only check a couple times a week and someone must’ve just cancelled.

  2. Dammit! Late as usual. I had no idea that the Faust hardcover was even a thing. I’ve been a fan from the very begging and would have loved one of these. Any chance there are any still available? How can we keep an eye out for future Faust or other work from y’all?

    1. Thank you, John! You should watch the Kickstarter till the end if you have patience for that – a dozen or so people have been rewarded by a chance to score a copy when a pledger had to cancel! Other than that, if you follow this blog you will never miss Faust news, including future releases that may come after the limited edition if we can!

  3. If the demand is there, and I am pretty sure there is, would you consider doing another Kickstarter for this long awaited book? I just found out about this beautiful gift that so many of us have been waiting for!

  4. Thanks, James! We want to keep the book in print, for sure, and this Kickstarter helped, a lot! Keep reading this site and you will know all of our future plans!

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