The Wait is Over… Complete Faust Omnibus Hardcover (UPDATED) 

Exclusive 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Art by Timothy B. Vigil

Legendary Adult Horror GN Collected for the First Time

FAUST: Love of the Damned Omnibus HC, Limited Edition (Kickstarter Pledge $125 US) 

  • Kickstarter Campaign Launch: BLACK FRIDAY, November 25, 2022 at 12 noon eastern
  • Signed/Limited (777)
  • 496 pp, Oversize 8”x 12”
  • Black and White Story Pages with Color Cover Galleries
  • Exclusive 35th Anniversary Timothy Vigil cover
  • Ships Q2 2023

The infamous masterwork of “outlaw comics” will finally be collected in one oversize volume. 

Faust: Love of the Damned was among the leaders in two comics revolutions, creator-owned publishing and comics for adults. Now, thirty-five years later, Rebel Studios creators Timothy Vigil and David Quinn offer a deluxe limited edition, available through Kickstarter.

“The wait is over,” says Tim Vigil. “Since we finished our story a decade ago, fans around the world have hollered for an omnibus edition collecting Faust in one oversize hardcover. We heard you. You can have yours – the most exclusive collection we’ll publish. Don’t miss out!”

“This one is for the dedicated,” David Quinn says. “We know the later issues are hard to find, reselling for hundreds of dollars. You want your Faust and you want it in one big fat beautiful hardcover, and Love of the Damned is 100% complete and ready to print and ship.”

UPDATE: You asked for it – Tim Vigil will create an original sketch in five (5) books, which will be available for $350.

The Kickstarter campaign will be open for pledges BLACK FRIDAY, November 25 for fifty (50) days or until all 777 books have been sold. 

Here is the link to the Pre Launch Page – come back on November 25 to claim your copy of this exclusive limited signed hardcover!

Expert Witnesses Speak

“There was Watchmen. There was The Dark Knight. And there was Faust.” – Rich JohnstonBleeding Cool 

“The legend of the Ramones was that every town they played in spawned numerous bands the next day. Faust comics are my Ramones.” – Ed Piskor – The Beats, Hip Hop Family Tree, X-Men Grand Design, Red Room, Cartoonist Kayfabe

“It completely changed what a comic book could be in my imagination.”– Jim Rugg – Street Angel, the PLAIN JanesHulk Grand Design, Cartoonist Kayfabe

Faust pushed the limits of comics with shock and awe while telling an evocative and lyrically poetic tale of trauma, betrayal, and ambition. An unhinged, unreliable narrator / horror-superhero who’s struggling to discern fantasy from reality, the world wasn’t ready for Faust… but he just may be the hero for our times.” – Matteo Pizzolo – Rogue State, Godkiller, Calexit 

Rebel Studios will keep participants aware of shipping estimates through regular email updates. (Given delays in the printing / fulfillment industry since the pandemic, the target is Q2 2023.)

More About Faust: Love of the Damned 

The Story: 

A man seduced by power plunges into an underground urban hell dominated by madness and the mystical. Haunted by tortured love, he rages through primal hallucinations in a blood-drenched nightmare of Attraction and Repulsion, Sex and Death, Revenge and Reclamation. 

The History: 

In 1987, the legendary creative team of David Quinn and Timothy Vigil led two historic comics evolutions: comics for adults and DIY creator-owned publishing – influences of Faust: Love of the Damned reverberate across comics and media today. A film based on Faust: Love of the Damned, directed by Brian Yuzna, was released in 2000. An animated adult TV adaption by Matt Pizzolo is in development today. With multiple printings and German, Italian and Spanish translations, Faust has sold nearly a half million copies.

For More Information: (Blog) (Patreon)

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