The Quotable Faust

Collected for possible “bonus features” for the complete collected edition, now in development

The Quotable Faust

For the demons, deceivers, dreamers, devils and damned lovers of Faust, words are weapons. Do these embers burn in your brain? May they help you illuminate your own primal journey.

-David Quinn and Timothy B. Vigil

Faust Communion Cover – Timothy B. Vigil

Dysfunction Nation

“Sex is dirty!” 

-Beef and Hapi, Act One

“He does this… with his hands… his goddamn hands. Jesus… hands that have caressed my spine as he pulled me into his body.”

-Dr. Jade DeCamp, Act Two

“Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.”

– from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, quoted in the John Jasper file of Dr. Jade DeCamp, Act Seven

“If you wanted to know what I know, you’d have walked my way…  would have felt it, not analyzed it. And on this pleasant morning, you’d be on my side of bars.”

“That side, you’re just voyeur! Oooh! Anti-social behavior! Oooh! Murder! I’m the pornograpjhy that gets you hot. Help yourself.”

-John Jaspers, Act Three

Remarqued Faust 14 – David Quinn

The Clarity of Primal Madness

“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag!”

-John Jaspers quoting James Brown, Act One

“Reality is up for grabs.”

-Balfour, Acts Two and Fifteen

“What do you think, brother? Too much blood… or not enough?”

“Nothing? Stone numb from staring down mutely at our dirty, pathetic insanity. So many people piling fuel into their own furnace… and burning too fast. Some choose madness – others corruption, blaming evil. As if evil were an entity outside of them.”

“That’s like blaming monsters. But monsters know there is no evil, only weakness that must be eliminated.”

“You agree, then. Not enough blood.”

-John Jaspers, Act Two

“Somehow it is the most primal of our exchanges that reveal who we are… the flesh and blood.”

-From the John Jasper file of Dr. Jade DeCamp, Act Four

“I always make such a mess when I play… God.”

-John Jaspers, Act Four

“Heaven and Hell can rage, blaze, burn… scour the sky! Incinerate the world in the conflagration! Let the rain wash off the ashes… feeling more alive than ever!”

-John Jaspers, Act Six

“I finally understand… every man is his own Hell.”

-John Jaspers, Act Thirteen

“You are not going to Hell. We are all in Hell already!”

-M, Act Five

“Holy wars serve the Devil alone.”

-M, Act Thirteen

Faust Act 14 – Timothy B. Vigil

The Corpse Parade

“We look, but we don’t see.”

-John Jaspers, Act Two

“Dead. Dead again. Good place to get some thinking done.”

-John Jaspers, Act Five

Timothy B. Vigil

Fathers and Sons

“Some would call it holy… I prefer to think of it as a story of love. For no science, Jade, not even rites of psychotherapy can math love’s sacred, creative power.”

“But to begin at the beginning, when all was new, one angel among legions dared to gaze lovingly… not on the Creator’s work… but on the Creator.” 

“I was that angel. I loved. That love of pure Genesis was my betrayal, my ‘impious war!’ And for my rebellious love, my disobedient ‘pride,’ I fell.”

-M, Act Eleven

“All Creation must degenerate to Chaos and the Void, till God never was!”

-M, Act 1 Thirteen

“Used to think you were the Devil… but you’re just a whining little bitch!”

-John Jaspers, Act Fourteen

“Kneel, boy. We will have monuments of pain… beyond emptiness.”

-M, Act Fifteen

“If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you… if you do not, it will destroy you.”

-M, Act Fifteen

“And as son slays sire, wheels turn… new fire!”

-M, Act Fifteen

Faust Act Two Cover – Timothy B. Vigil

Hell & Gore & Twisted Sexuality*

“You cure the (mad) dog…  you don’t fuck it.”

-Dr. Jade DeCamp, Act Four

“Fuck me, loverboy, there you are, carnage with a cock! Mmmm…”

-Claire, Act Eleven

“Did poison ever taste so sweet? Jesus himself would be on his knees.”

-Claire, Act Twelve

“You win. Let’s chat Apocalypse. Well, at least I’ll look fine going out!”

-Claire, Act Fourteen

“Honey, I want a divorce.”

-Claire, Act Fifteen

*This subtitle is a quotable itself… as David was sharing drafts of the screenplay for Brian Yuzna’s Faust: Love of the Damned (Lionsgate 2000) the director gleefully sang, “Hell & Gore & Twisted Sexuality.”

Remarqued Faust Act 15 – David Quinn and Timothy B. Vigil

Arias of the Damned

“I speak softly, most of the time. But let no one think me passive, humble, weak. Recognize that my fugitive life has bred in me…  a different humor of fierce silence… dangerous to my enemies, yes. Loyal to my friends, entirely. To such a life…  can glory belong.”

-M, Act Eight

“Tell Michael Jackson he can have my mercy bullet. Suicide’s not even worth pitying. Libra’s going to continue the broadcast to the last breath. If you hear me, get up, get the fuck up right now and try to get someone near you. Let ‘em know you’re alive and still holding on… it’s up to you and me, now.”

-Libra, Radio Free New York, Act Twelve

“While the corpse parade pretends the devil is dead, his bitch is in heat once more.”

-Libra, Radio Free New York, Act Fifteen

“I’m going to be a mother. Then they’ll believe. My love of the damned.”

-Dr. Jade DeCamp

“Behold! I am making all things new!”

-M, Acts Twelve and Fifteen

Timothy B. Vigil

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