Go to Sleep, Little Creep on the Road


Where and when you can come to a Go To Sleep, Little Creep event, participate in a signing or discussion, and get your book signed?

I’m about to tell you. But first, a few images to illustrate the Toddlers of Terror on the road this summer, in California and right here in Sleepy Hollow Country.

I’ve been a guest at San Diego Comic Con on and off since my late college years, 31 years ago. (Faust: Love of the Damned had unleashed. I had sold a couple of stories to DC Comics.)

Over the years, I returned, meeting up with collaborators and creatives and fans and signing a mountain of comics, for Marvel, Dark Horse, Chaos, nearly every 1990s work for hire publisher and especially my creator-owned work like Faust, The Wrath, Nightvision, The Not for Children Children’s Books, etc.

Comic Con has grown, most of you know, from an intimate-ish gathering for fans and readers OF comics to a mega-media/toy and game market and cosplay parade INSPIRED BY by comics.

(Aside: no I’m not disparaging cosplay, as you can read in my earlier blog, Dreaming in Public.)

And as the show evolved, my participation evolved. Instead of facing Comic Con as full time work, I bring my family and create a work/play vacation. I meet with collaborators, but I also enjoy the Science Center, the restaurants, and one of the most beautiful beaches I know, with Diane and Olivia.

I couldn’t be happier.

Work is better with family. Family is better with work. Or at least that’s how it goes for me at this stage of my long, strange career.

My new picture book with Ashley Spires didn’t come out till after this year’s show, but the preview copy I carried with me put smiles on faces.


Imperial Beach, Coronado Island
Hotel Del Coronado Daily Ice Cream


Preview copy of CREEPS meets CHICK – my bet’s on the CREEPS


Artist Jodi Tong meets the kids.


At Jim and Holly’s BroadSword Comics booth with Stephen Strange




Uncle Tim, co-creator of Faust and many, many more

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