#LittleCreepTakeover! Meet Wolfgirl.

arroooo.jpgGo to Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn, Illustrated by Ashley Spires

It’s Children’s Book Week… and some Little Creeps are celebrating with a #LittleCreepTakeover, posting their own introductions, a “behind the scenes” taste of our children’s book, coming this July from Crown Books for Young Readers.

Meet Wolfgirl:

“What’s up?

The Moon!

Get it?

I’m Wolfgirl.

And I’m kinda like very important, if you know what I mean. Sure, there are other kids bigger than me. There are other kids that live in big fancy castles or know how to fly, or even walk through walls.

But I Sing the Moon.

I’m learning how to Sing the Moon into the Sky when it’s time to get up. I’m learning how to Sing the Moon into the Mountain when it’s time to go to sleep.

My Dad’s teaching me.

Dad says it’s the most important thing you can Sing, because without the Moon, we would have nowhere to play.

So, I’m a little sleepy…  but first I have to Sing.”

Go to Sleep, Little Creep, Published by Crown Books for Young Readers
On Sale Jul 24, 2018
ISBN 9781101939444
Copyright 2018, David Quinn
Illustrations copyright 2018 Ashley Spires

For more information and to pre-order



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