#LittleCreepTakeover! Meet Mau.

IMG_2922.jpgGo to Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn, Illustrated by Ashley Spires

It’s Children’s Book Week!

Bookstores, libraries and schools celebrate children’s books and their unique role in instilling the lifelong joy of reading. Meanwhile at inwalkedquinn.com, some Little Creeps have threatened a #LittleCreepTakeover!*

Meet Mau:

“Call me Mau, as my Mummy does. Mau has lived with Mummy and her family all Mau’s life, and all Mau’s afterlife…  so far.

Here’s what Mau knows.

Mummy loves Mau because Mau is smart.

Mummy loves Mau because Mau is loyal.

Mummy loves Mau because Mau is super cuddly, just like Little Peanut Mummy is super cuddly.

Best of all, Mummy loves Mau because Mau and her Mama are the fastest mouse catchers in the land.

Here is what Mau likes: a little milk on Mau’s tongue.

Here is what Mau does not like: tasting a moth by accident.

Some say Mummy and Peanut should be afraid of Mau. But this is silly. Mau’s Mama, a wise mouse catcher named Bast, says Mau is a cat, and cats are guardians of the dead.

Here’s what that means: no mice.

Gotta go! Bye!”

Go to Sleep, Little Creep, Published by Crown Books for Young Readers
On Sale Jul 24, 2018
ISBN 9781101939444
Copyright 2018, David Quinn
Illustrations copyright 2018 Ashley Spires

For more information and to pre-order

*#LittleCreepTakeover! is a special “behind the scenes” look at our children’s book; in each post, a character from our book reveals a hidden monologue, a voice that’s not in the text of the book.



2 thoughts on “#LittleCreepTakeover! Meet Mau.

    1. Hopefully everyone else will have fun with the “takeover” concept. You’re reading what’s going on in the mind of the characters here, not the actual text of the book.

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