For Faust Kickstarter Backers

If You Only Read One Update, Read This One!

If You Backed the Kickstarter, Make Sure We Have Your Mailing Address

As you can see, after approval of the proofs online, books are on the press with a target date for delivery to us in June – which, of course, means that it is time you ensure the mailing address we have for you is up to date!

Here’s How: Watch your email for a backer survey message from Kickstarter reminding you to take care of this. Sign in to Kickstarter and make any necessary addition or correction to your complete mailing address. And do it now, because we expect to be able to pack and ship your book in June, as predicted when you pledged!

(Unless you backed the Sketch Edition, which will take longer, of course…)

Kickstarter Fulfillment Timeline

  • May 10 – Backer Surveys emailed  – Ensure Kickstarter Has Your Correct Email and Reply So We Have Your Mailing Address
  • May 26 – Backer Surveys Close
  • June 1 – Books Ship From Montreal to New York
  • Beginning June 2-3 – Books Ship to Backers from New York
  • Sketch Edition Books Will Ship to Backers from California by August

Thank You for Supporting our Kickstarter! You Made it Happen…

4 thoughts on “For Faust Kickstarter Backers

  1. Hi, I was unaware of the Kickstart until right now. Is there anyway I can still buy in? Will this be released at retail?

    1. I like the way you think. Click that follow!

      It’s a good thing you now follow this blog — you will not miss any Faust announcements in the coming months!

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