Conceptual Illustration by Tintin Pantoja

Early Reader Graphic Novel Proposal

Early Reader GN

Genre: Coming of Age, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Prehistoric Animal Friends

160 pages

Dire Wolf Skye risks humiliation and injury to brave a transformational journey when she lets go of trying to imitate Sabretooth, Mammoth and her other amazing friends to find her own HOWL and SING THE MOON, igniting the Jurassic Night!


The Night Village, The Late Jurassic Era

Skye the Wolfgirl (a young Dire Wolf) wishes she could dance across tree branches like Lightfoot the baby Sabretooth, defy gravity to soar like Cha Cha the young Ambopteryx, tremble the world with her stomping feet like Fuzz the little Mammoth or tower over every living thing like gentle giant Emily Dee the Dreadnaughtus.

What can Skye do that’s all her own?

Tonight, Skye takes a brave step when she realizes that all the wild, wonderful games her gang plays each night wouldn’t be wonderful without the brilliant illumination of the Moon – and only she, gifted with her Wolfsong, can SING THE MOON into the sky.

Conceptual Illustration by Tintin Pantoja

Thank you

…for considering working with me on I Sing the Moon.

As a confirmed lover of books as journeys of wonder and stories as a design for living well, my mission is to create the books young people come to find their joy, wonder, excitement, humor and most of all, the truth – life is up for grabs.

I Sing the Moon, the premiere of the Skye series, satisfies expectations for evergreen favorites – coming-of-age stories and friendship tales – in a strange, dark setting. Think Olga meets Hilda in a nocturnal world of young Dire Wolves, Dinosaurs and other denizens of the Late Jurassic Era.

Bridging the young reader’s stretch from picture books to reading with pictures, I Sing the Moon’s accessible, lively storytelling, quirky, diverse characters and delicate balance of serious and silly tell the truth about facing the challenges of growing up. 

Comp Titles

The Narwhal and Jelly Series, Ben Clanton, (6-9) Tundra Books, 2016 – 2020

“Relationship challenge” stories in animated comics form starring exotic underwater creatures. Like the Skye series, these episodes are fast paced, cute and funny, with hints of poetic and profound meaning beneath the silliness.

The Olga Series, Elise Gravel, (8-12) HarperCollins, 2017-2020

As in the Skye books, this charming story stars a smart young protagonist exploring identity and social challenges in a world much like ours, if you populate the world with “weird cute” animal friends! Like the extinct creatures in Skye’s world, “fun facts” about Olga’s animal friends enrich the story. This series also bridges the reading stretch from picture books to reading with pictures.

The Zita the Space Girl Series, Ben Hatke, (6-9) First Second, 2011-2020

A stranger on a strange planet populated with whimsical, crazy monsters, young Zita finds herself rising to every challenge to become the hero of her own adventure. Like Skye, Zita is a feisty, curious female protagonist in a world rich diversity of characters and species.

The Hildafolk Series, Luke Pearon, (8-12), Flying Eye, 2015-2020

These classic early readers’ smart, sassy young protagonist overcomes realistic challenges in fantasy world using her creativity and bravery, just like Skye and her pack.

Thoughtful and sophisticated underneath a seemingly simple surface, these GNs reward repeat reading, creative roleplay and discussion, rising above “kid stuff.”

Skye the Wolfgirl: I Sing the Moon by David Quinn, Illustrations by Tintin Pantoja

Detailed Synopsis and Complete Script Available on Request

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