Mostly About the Dark Side of Marvel (The Comics, Not Perlmutter…)

When I am not writing or walking my dog lately, I’ve been collecting links to recent media so I can share it with the growing readership (thanks) of this blog. When I find one, I promise I will add it to a short post, as well as my Media page, which I really need to redesign.

If you know any stellar examples of creator media pages that work really well, please share links in the comments and I will shamelessly copy them — ahem — leverage best practices.

Here we go:

Venom Vlog #526: David Quinn Interview – Part 1

By way of introducing my story with artist Kyle Hotz, Carnage: It’s a Wonderful Life, which is not your ordinary Spider-Man comic, I talk about my writing life on a blog you should know about it you want to stay up on all things Venom.

Venom Vlog #527: David Quinn Interview – Part 2

More on Carnage and what makes him, for me.

Enjoy! Keep in touch in the comments! Follow this blog and follow Venom Vlog!

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