Life All In

Resilience in the Pandemic of 2020

Something special today, sharing a video for these times by a friend and colleague, another gifted friend going back to our college days, Kathleen Murphy, creator/producer of

Kathleen describes her platform of inspiration, Life All In, as “Interviews with people living vibrant, engaged lives – about opening doors in life, and saying yes. ” 

Last fall, I had the pleasure of being one of her first Instagram interviews. Talking to Kathleen forced me to take my own advice in my creative and my personal life, and as you will see if you check out her videos, we spoke on creativity, on making it new, everyday, on choosing to write my own characters, on getting out of our way in our lives to tell the truth and be our best. (There’s also a quick cut from me on this site, in media, which I am slowly but surely enriching.)

Do check it out and follow her, follow this blog and leave us your notes in the comments below!

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