Now Prepared to Fulfill Your Orders for Signed (Non) Convention Books!

Quotes & Visions Underground, the exclusive convention book produced just in time for this year of no conventions!

Good news!

Although I never found the online retail partner I was looking for to help me distribute this new, limited edition (Non) Con Art Book from the Faust: Love of the Damned creators, New York is no longer the intense pandemic hot spot it was when Tim Vigil and I printed the book and it will start shipping July 1st.

We don’t make these things to not get them to the people who want them.

David Quinn

Followers of this blog and the Faust: Love of the Damned page on Facebook are first in line, with my humble thanks. I was looking forward to sharing this… after all, we don’t make these things to not get them to the people who want them. We printed a couple hundred to distribute in person at conventions, so until we’re out there in your town — Tim Vigil does MANY conventions — and we will do what we can to deliver, while copies last.

Underground Quotes and Visions ($25.00 U.S.) is a 60 page, magazine-sized square bound paperback in black and white and color.

  • I’ve signed and numbered 90 copies
  • U.S. orders will ship Priority Mail starting July 1st
  • By ordering, you acknowledge consent to purchase and receive creative content labeled “Not for Children”
  • NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES due to ongoing conditions
  • International orders welcome – you will receive an email regarding additional postage/handling if this applies

You’ll find my email on this site if you have a question or a special request.

Of course the online store is not the only way to get a copy. Tim Vigil is an artist alley road warrior, and you know he will be out there as soon as he can. Stay safe, stay primal, take care of each other and thanks again!

7 thoughts on “Now Prepared to Fulfill Your Orders for Signed (Non) Convention Books!

  1. Hi David. When I try to buy the book, filling in the address, I get:
    “This store does not ship to the provided address.”
    I live in Portugal, I have no other address to where to ship this. Is it possible in any way to overcome this, please?
    Francisco Quintana

    1. If you’re outside the USA, good for you ’cause it’s a shit show right now, please email me your title and number of signed books and complete shipping address. Similar to the order page, I need your acknowledgement that you are legally ordering adult material, if you’re ordering the art book.

      I will work out your cost, including international shipping, and request payment by reply before signed books ship July 1st.

      Thanks again!

      1. Hi David.

        I would like to order the Quotes & Visions: Underground. 1 copy, please.

        Full name: Francisco Martins Florentino Henriques Quintana
        Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano, 11 (Bairro do Recanto) Rio de Mouro
        2635-191 Rio de Mouro
        Lisbon, Portugal

        And yes, I acknowledge that I’m a consenting adult and thereby I’m legally entitled to order adult material (born on 1975).

        Hope you’re well. New York is not a nice place to be right now. Take care!

  2. Thank you, Francisco – hope you enjoy the book, now reserved for you. You can look forward to details on the international shipping when you provide an email address! David

  3. International orders received by July 13 shipped on time and are on their way. International shipping is prohibitively expensive, so many of you won’t want to pay for it, but I am willing to research a shipping price for you if you are interested. Email address on my contacts page!

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