By Request: Brief Bio

Recently, I had to produce a brief bio (and a longer version) for some projects in production, and it came to me that I never included much about my background here. So here goes…

David Quinn (@quinn.david) writes comic books, screenplays, songs and children’s books, including the publications Go to Sleep, Little Creep (Crown Books for Young Readers), Vampirella (Harris), Nightvision and Faust (Rebel Studios) and Doctor Strange, Midnight Sons, Ghost Rider, and Carnage(Marvel).

Faust, based on Quinn’s horror comic book co-created by artist Tim Vigil is in development at Sony Pictures Television, under writer/producer Matteo (Godkiller) Pizzolo.

David’s also delivered branded content in the financial, health care, marketing and energy industries, helping clients like Citi, J.P. Morgan, MVP Health Care and UBS tell their stories across all media.

He lives in Westchester, NY with his wife and daughter and blogs at

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