Recommended for Writers (Or Any Creatives) – Street Writers Podcast

IMG_0886.jpegHey, writers!

Working storytellers Mark Bellusci and Dan Chichester serve up an energized, fun two punch combination of a podcast I enjoy, Street Writers. Each chapter is honest, entertaining and only takes you away from, like, actual writing for ten minutes.

Mark and Dan riff off each other to share practical knowledge and actionable advice distilled from decades of what they like to call “bare-knuckle writing for stage, film, editorial, marketing and comics.”

Because as writers – as creators of any discipline – we could all use tips to focus and lower our basic human resistance to following through creatively.

I’m not a big fan of the concept “inspiration,” but I guess that applies to Mark and Dan’s content, too. Everyone has great ideas that might make great writing. But ideas are easy. The difference between a writer and non-writer is not about ideas. It’s about seeing ideas through to focused, developed, lean, mean delivery.   

Listening, I welcome the fact that Mark and Dan both understand The Writer’s Paradox. That is, what am I talking about when I say, “I am a writer.”

  1. Am I swollen with bravura pride with my big swingin’ creative genius?
  2. Or am I begging your forgiveness for even daring to open my mouth, when all I do is make stuff up all day? (You know, “imposter syndrome.”)

I actually have to believe both 1 and 2 to make it to 3, which is getting the job done on the page.

Faced with a blank screen, I must embody writing as if I write great stuff all the time. I have to lower all resistance. I have to swing.

AND faced with my first draft – once I get there – I have to live in the humility and gratitude that if I put in the work, I will improve with honest editing. Work the craft. Drive to the finish.

Interested? Give a listen here or wherever you podcast.



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