Thanks for the Honor, Red Tricycle!

We love Red Tricycle! A great resource for families that promises, “We believe the best memories are created when families do fun things together and we believe every day is an opportunity to create new stories.”

“We know you’re busy (we’ve got kids too), so we wade through the multitude of ideas to present a small, well-edited list of activities that are really worth your time.”

That said, we’re honored to be included in,  “Our Favorite Halloween Books This Season”

Go to Sleep, Little Creep

“Even little creepy monsters, howling werewolves and tiny trolls have bedtime rituals to attend to, and bedtimes to adhere to. This perfectly sweet rhyming picture book is a great night time read this October or any time of the year. Authored by David Quinn and adorably illustrated by Ashley Spires.” Shop it now.


The Odyssey Bookshop, 9 College St, South Hadley, MA 01075

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