Happy Mother’s Day from the Little Creeps #gotosleeplittlecreep

Go to Sleep, Little Creep by David Quinn, Illustrated by Ashley Spires

For all you Mothers out there…

Here’s another “behind the scenes” taste of our children’s book, coming this July from Crown Books for Young Readers. I can’t wait to share the whole book with all of you, so I’m sharing “bonus DVD content.”

As I began to work on the book with my Publisher Phoebe Yeh, I proposed we use something like the following for the endpapers – these are the pages inside the book cover that come before and after the book. I always appreciate it when this prime book real estate enriches the experience of the book.

Although they were never developed for the final book, they might make good trading cards or book marks — and they are fun to share with you here!

GTSLC Endpapers – Proposed by David Quinn

GTSLC endpaper design: tell a story about the story through artifacts parents collect, such as baby pictures and birth announcements of all the little creeps, something to really study and mine for fun details that support the story.

Endpaper Front

Little Peanut Mummy’s baby picture, inscribed “2001 Years Old”

Dracula’s Daughter – her own childlike crayon illustration of herself sandwiched in between Mom and Dad. All smiles. All valentine hearts and halloween bats in the air around them.

Baby Godzilla stompy watercolor footprint Mother’s Day card, inscribed “I Love You, Mommy! Baby G”

Frankie Jr. birth announcement postcard, scrawled electrically to blast out the words “He’s Alive!”

Framed Baby Pic Photo: Little Miss Alien when she was just an Egg

Endpaper Back

Kid birthday party invite: “Party in the Woods Tonight!” “Happy Birthday, Little Foot!” “Time: After Dark” “RSVP Mrs. Big Foot C/O The Broken Tree, The Woods”

Baby Lagoona (Gill Creature) baby picture, clutching a very wet blanket to her cheek

The Facebook page of Patsy and Rhonda Romero; in the headshot space, the loving Mommy Zombies are hugging, and in the large portrait, their kids, the Zombie Quintuplets Group Picture – total anarchy, awkward framing, partially out of focus

Little Medusa baby picture, surrounded by snakes

Wolfgirl First Night on the Schoolbus Photo – wearing a giant back pack, adorable and beaming.


Go to Sleep, Little Creep, Published by Crown Books for Young Readers
On Sale Jul 24, 2018
ISBN 9781101939444
Copyright 2018, David Quinn
Illustrations copyright 2018 Ashley Spires

For more information and to pre-order

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