“I believe the children are our future.”

“I also believe that when you travel into the past, you won’t alter the future, only create an alternate timeline.”

  • Right now Her Royal Shortness thinks Star Wars is just another lame cartoon her cousin watches. And on the first grade playground, if you get called “Jar Jar,” it’s cloberrin’ time. But some day soon, she’s going to see the first movie, now called the fourth, and then…. Cosmic.
  • Biting into a tangerine over her Mandarin translation, La Principessa informed me that Princesses have Chinese homework, too, but they have “servant children” do it for them.
  • The six-year-old Diva confirms my chocolate chip cookies are better you can get flying first class. Then keeps me in my place by adding that they are almost as good as Mama’s.
  • “Daddy, Daddy, I want you to get Barbee™ Fashionista! I want you to get Barbie™Fashionista, Puh-LEASE! On TV, they said ORDER NOW!” – Golly. I married a Betty. So how did my daughter turn out to be a Veronica?

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