quinn store – updated October 16, 2015


People ask me how they can buy my stuff. Last year, if you couldn’t find it at your comic shop or don’t feel like searching through ebay and Amazon, you could find autographed copies here. But with the sad demise of the Hazarai community, that doorway is closed.

So I’ve got to get something else going as soon as I catch up on what I am supposed to be writing right now.

I’d rather create than retail, so please try your local store first.

3 thoughts on “quinn store – updated October 16, 2015

  1. Hi, my name is Ben.
    I am in Australia, and I can’t get into your signed editions store area
    I am after LOTD 14 & 15, regular covers, and all of the places I have found a copy for sale do not want to post here. I have at least one copy of each Faust related issue you have released (LOTD, 777 The Wrath, Faust 777, Singha’s Talons, Book of M, Claire’s Lust – did I miss any?) bar these, and my collection is sorely lacking
    Your assistance in one way or another would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Ben, thanks for writing — I don’t know anyone doing international sales on recent back issues, but let me look into it. 14 and 15 were radically underordered by stores, despite my best efforts to communicate their unholy arrival. Take care, David

      1. Thanks for the response, David.
        Managed to get my hands on the issues mentioned. My Faust LOTD/777/Wrath (and offshoot series) is pretty complete. Only after variants and such now. Thanks for the wild ride

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